A simmering battle between two of Uganda’s telecommunication players will see Theatre Factory play out their comedy skits at an alternative venue this New Year’s Day. Rather than see swords drawn and the re-enactment of a war akin to the current scenario in Gaza between Hamas and Israel, Theatre Factory took the cordial route and decided to let the “yellow” company sponsoring the theatre group currently at the National Theatre have the whole premises drape the playhouse in its omnipresent bright colours.

Theatre Factory is having the last laugh in all this. Unlike the group currently showing at the National Theatre a play about “blood at a junction” the comedy outfit can bank on its loyal audience that follows it like loyal sheep.

Comedy Nite this Thursday takes plays at Pan World Car Wash just a stones throw from the regular venue down Dewinton Road. The “blue” telecom company that sponsors Comedy Night is not too bothered by the bullying from its Titanic rival.

It is taking comfort in the fact that the last Comedy night on Christmas Day packed a bigger crowd than the paltry patrons at the “yellow”-sponsored theatre show.

So happy is Theatre Factory about this that they are thinking about scouting a new venue. That will sound the death knell for the National Theatre, which is fast shrinking as a haven for the performing arts and more as a wedding meeting venue.