In Kawempe, a newly married woman surprised her neighbours when she ended her marriage, because she could not tolerate her husband’s habit of bed-wetting, writes a Vision Reporter.

The woman identified as Rehema married Abdul one month ago. While putting their wet bedding outside in the sunshine, she complained to the neighbours that her husband urinated on the bed daily, even when she tried to save the situation by waking him up to urinate in the basin.

She said in their two-roomed house they could no longer receive visitors due to the stench from their bedroom. She said she was fed up of the situation. She therefore, packed her belongings and left for her sister’s home. In the evening when Abdul heard what had happened from the neighbours, he said he was only sweating not bed-wetting as his wife claimed.

But according to neighbours, bed-wetting had been a problem for Abdul since childhood. They said three wives had left Abdul because of that problem and they were sure no woman would settle with him.