Unveiling the 7 Wonders of Uganda


Uganda, commonly referred to as the Pearl of Africa is one of the most adventurous destinations and a must visit for any tourist from anywhere on the globe. Follow through this article and discover why Uganda, was ranked the No. 1 travel destination in World in 2012 by Lonely Planet. The Amazing Uganda has lots of wonders that make it the Pearl of Africa. Here are the 7 wonders of Uganda.

1. The Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The mountain Gorillas are the world’s most sought after primates baring in mind they are threatened to extinction and only a handful are left and nowhere else but in Uganda. More than half of the remaining mountain gorillas of the world totaling to abt 500 in number are found in a forest south west of Uganda called the Bwindi Impenetrable forest.  Millions of adventure seekers from all over the world flock this forest to spend atleast an hour with the Mountain Gorilla paying a whooping USD 500 each for  a permit. The Bwindi Forest in itself is also home to a wide range of bio-diversity including a variety of bird species, primates and flora.  The mountain Gorilla is the biggest foreign exchange earner for Uganda as a country.

2. The Tree Climbing Lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lions are found in various national parks across the world, however Tree Climbing Lions are only found in Uganda and that is in the Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth National park, located in the western part of Uganda. The Tree climbing lions attract lots of both foreign and domestic tourists each year to catch a glimpse of this rare breed of Lions.  This has attracted the construction of a variety of top notch accommodations in the park including the Mweya Safari Lodge and Ishasha Wilderness Camp that the safari experience is complete with a perfect sleep in the wild.

3. The thunderous Murchison Falls in Northern Uganda

The sound and Sight of the entire waters of the River Nile( the world’s longest river) squeezing through a gorge of 7 meters gives birth to the most thunderous Falls in the world, the Murchison Falls.  When taking a safari, the journey to Murchison Falls should include a visit to the top of the Falls will make part of your itinerary and a hike from the bottom of the Falls to the top of the falls will make part of your experience. Coupled with this is the amazing wildlife and birdlife in the Murchison Falls National Park. This is the most highly visited attraction only second to the mountain Gorillas of Uganda.

4. The Snow-capped peak of Mt. Rwenzori

Mt. Rwenzori commonly referred to as the Mountains of the Moon at at over 4800 ft above sea level  only the second highest mountain in Africa next to Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s not usual to find snow in a country that lies across the Equator, however the extra-ordinary height of the Mt. Rwenzori has granted it such a special significance and place in the tourism arena of the entire world. The mountain attracts  lots of hikers all year round and the trails are well maintained and serviced by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

5. The Source of the R. Nile

River Nile is known to be the world’s longest river flowing through the entire Great lakes region and pouring its waters into the Mediterranean sea in Egypt.  It’s not an everyday occurrence for a country to host the source of such a river but yes Uganda is home to the R. Nile. It’s a dream come true for any visitor to reach the source of the world’s longest river in Jinja, a small town in the eastern part of Uganda. Along the R. Nile we also have the grade 1-6 Rapids that spice up the adventurous white water rafting experience.

6. The Uganda Equator

The Equator is the point at which the world is divided in to two, the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.  Now this line that divides the world into two sections cuts right through Uganda. Can you Imagine? Why Uganda of all? Any way that’s how special it can be. Therefore Uganda in this case is blessed to enjoy the Equatorial climate with no summer or winter but warm thought the year.  The Equator can be viewed in Masaka, appx 1 and half hours from the capital city in Kampala.

7. The 52 tribes and Cultures of Uganda

Small as it is in size with a population of only 35million people, Uganda boasts record 52 tribes with different dialects and cultures.  Interestingly despite the diversity in culture and dialects Ugandans are known to be the most hospitable and friendly people world over. A visit to Uganda gives a feel of being in a home away from home.  English is wildly spoken alongside the 52 local dialects and translators are readily available in case one speaks a different language other than English. Exploring all the 52 tribes may require one to travel to all the corners of the country which is quite possible and easy to do considering proper road network readily available.

Would you like to learn more about other unique things of Uganda. Check out the Wonders of Uganda blog for more insights into a destination dubbed as the “land gifted by nature”.



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