Bunyonyi - The Wakanda Region

Are you looking for a awesome travel experience in Africa but not certain yet which country to visit? Uganda is a very incredible destination with lots of amazing attractions and features and would definitely recommend it for your next safari tour in Africa. You will be surprised by the weather, friendly people, lakes, wildlife, birds, primates, landscape and much more. Perhaps it’s another great destination in Africa that offers exciting life time gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. I believe it’s one of the most beautiful to visit for gorilla tracking safaris.

Great Weather

If you want to enjoy a holiday vacation under the sun and in a warm serenity, Uganda is famous for having the best sunny days even during the so called rainy seasons. Its only in Uganda where it shines immediately after rain and the country is all year destination since nothing ruin your tour holiday. When the country’s cool weather, you will definitely enjoy your Uganda safari tour  each day of your stay even though you chose to travel in April, May and November the known rainy season months.

Safe & Secure

The first concern that some people have when they think about Uganda is that it might not be safe. Surely the country is safe and secure for travel and tourism in any corner of the country. Just go ahead and plan your visit to Uganda and enjoy your trip in any part of the country provided it’s your best place of interest.

Exotic & Unique Culture

Where else can you find friendly and welcoming people than in Uganda? Though the country is known for mountain gorillas, culture and the friendly people is another interesting travel aspect that every traveler enjoys while in Uganda. The people’s culture in Uganda is unique and you get a memorable Uganda safari tour when you combine your travel interest with a cultural excursion. There is too much living history in the present, many amazing cultural dances, songs, and way of life. When you head out for a culture tour its really new adventure of a life time.

Amazing Mountain Gorillas

There is much more to see and enjoy on a Uganda gorilla safari tour to Bwindi ,Mgahinga National Park the two spectacular gorilla homes in Uganda. Mountain gorillas are endangered primate species that live in forested  vegetation of Virunga Massif and Bwindi Impenetrable. When you chose to explore the beautiful gorilla parks, the hilly landscape, forest habitants and the complete guidance of park rangers make the trek one in a million. No wonder its Uganda’s top tourist attraction that inspire thousands to visit the country. However, if you want to track gorillas and hike volcanoes, or track golden monkeys just go for a gorilla tour to Mgahinga National Park.

Delicious Food

You will be surprised that whatever you chose to taste or eat in Uganda is delicious provided it’s prepared by lodges or hotels that have good history in the travel world. Even snack taste great. But avoid eating foods or things sold on the streets for hygiene purposes and good health. There are plenty of dishes and foods including local . Italian, Indian, English and much more. The saddest time is heading back home and lives behind the delicious cuisines.