Sezibwa Falls Uganda

A visit to Ssezibwa Falls gives you chance to enjoy Culture, Legends and Scenic Wonders .past Buganda Kabakas (Kings) like Kabaka Mwanga ll planted a tree there which is one of the largest trees around. It was a place of serenity for past Kabaka’s.

Today the Buganda people still come here to seek out those who practice traditional healings and are purported to perform miracles. The falls and the river that splits into two has meaning to the Buganda people regarding the legend of a woman giving birth and out of her came two rivers, sacrifices are still made here after the birth of twin.Why not visit this heritage site?

Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is located in western Uganda, in Rwenzori Mountains where you find Africa’s third highest peak. The scenery is spectacular and the ambiance tranquil, so you can bet that a stay in any of the hotels and lodges around will be relaxing. If you love wildlife of mountain climbing then the Ruwenzori will offer you unique experiences during your vacation.

Another aspect that tourist neglect are the different  unique cultures in Uganda. There are many interesting in cultural tourism activities that  include the dressing, foods and delicacies, cultural performances like the Imbalu ceremony for the Bagishu people from Mbale -Uganda.This event is too unique and interesting. There is also the Kwanjula ceremony-(Introduction) for the Buganda people. It is also unique in its kind.