A Quick Guide to Uganda for Visitors

Welcome to Uganda

A buzzing pocket-size capital on the edge of Africa, Kampala is coming into its own with an appealing medley of the contemporary and modern look. All rolled into one in this mini-metropolis are edgy art, top food, creative fashions and festival fun galore. Here is a quick guide to Uganda highlighting where you can go and what to do in the place visited;

Art attack

The new kid on the cultural block is the Uganda Museum of Contemporary Artifacts, Uganda’s only and largest museum. From its old space in the city’s historic quarters it is well situated along anon busy road leading to one of the country’s elite suburbs of Bukoto. With Central Uganda’s largest media façade displaying digital art over the busy Kampala road in the central business district, this otherwise sleepy suburb of socialist-style apartment blocks across the ghetto renowned suburb of Kamwokya gained a new lease of life. The Collection in Motion, the museum’s own term for permanent collection, displays over about 620 edgy works by about 240 artists. Roughly half are foreign who have been making waves in international art circles. Temporary exhibits rotate every three months, and the rich repertoire of theatre, film, performances and concerts rounds up this cultural hotspot.

On the food front

There’s plenty to explore in Kampala on the food front. Bon-appétit restaurant which doubles as a gastro-club run by a handful of gourmet consultants showcases Uganda’s top culinary specialties prepared with high-quality ingredients from all around the country. The seasonally enhanced menu includes rib-eye steak of goat, a rare breed of beef from long horned cows, and a salad of smoked fish. Bon-appétit is an intimate more than 18-seat gastro-pub in the Upper Town. Headed up by experienced and up to task chef trained in Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy, it accents local market-fresh food with a modern Mediterranean twist. Visitors can learn about Uganda’s assorted top wines at Kampala wines and spirits located on Martin road. Kampala’s leading wine boutique housed in an exposed brick cellar and staffed with enthusiasts happy to share their in-depth knowledge of Ugandan wines and spirits.

Fashion forward

Kampala’s fashion scene is moving forward and fast. Homegrown designers have been on the rise on the international catwalks and streetscapes. There are various modeling houses that are gracing Kampala’s scenes especially providing several services to both national and international events in the name of being models, ushers as well as welcoming visitors. Such modeling houses include; Arapapa models, Sylivia Awori and so many others. For up-and-coming fashion designers, visit Lady Charlotte, a funky boutique serving double duty as an art gallery presenting local artists. Don’t miss the versatile textured garments in Woolworth, which works and sells out of different garments and accessories to create just the perfect outfit.

Festival fun

With holidays like Christmas and Easter comes a variety of festivals and events that keep Kampala alive throughout the whole festive season. Almost the whole week, Kampala hosts concerts of classical music, jazz, blues and world music in different locations in both lower and upper Kampala. The national Theatre hosts a variety of concert ranging from musical shows, premiering movies, comedy nights as well as staging plays. Urban Festivals showcases multimedia contemporary art in public city spaces. During the Amakula Kampala Film Festival in October, international films compete for the Golden Pram awards in different venues around town, with plenty of parties to boot.

Many tourists travel to Kampala to take advantage of the many beautiful beaches that surround this great capital city of Uganda. The best time to travel in Uganda is between May and September and all through to the festive season of Christmas which takes place in December. In general, the country has both rainy and sunny periods which are all conducive for any traveler into Uganda

Breaking it down: northern Uganda is always sunny and it receives relatively little rainfall throughout the year unlike other parts of the country which receive regulated rainfall all year round

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A huge array of holiday festivals takes place in Uganda, and these festivals are large tourism draws. Some of the main festivals that are highlighted on Uganda’s calendar  are as below;

Christmas: This is highly regarded as the day when Jesus Christ was born. So Uganda being a more Christian country though other religious dominations are also highly respected, it highly celebrates this day since the biggest populace is Christian affiliated and this makes it a day to reckon with so any visitor during this period will enjoy Uganda at it’s fullest since several concerts are all over the country and the fact that is a public holiday, every where it will be party time hence the buzz.

Easter: As mentioned above that Uganda is a more Christian country it goes on to celebrate each and every Christian festive day and this is no exception. Easter is the day when Jesus resurrected from the dead so when ever it surfaces, Uganda celebrates it and thus qualifies to be a public day full of ecstasy and every where the mood is very appalling in the country and this day is worthy the celebration and every body should be part of it.

Amakula Film Festival: This is an international music-dramatic festival where several films that have graced the country are being viewed to the public free of charge and the ones that stand out of the crowed are awarded. This festival also features classical music concerts, chamber music and recitals. This Event takes place in theatres around the country and the epitome of this event is held in the country’s national theatre.So you ought to be in Uganda during this event and you will never regret in your entire life.

Uganda also has several other festive days apart from the ones highlighted above that will also lighten your stay in Uganda which include; Heroes day, Martyrs day, Liberation day and the many Eids for the Muslim community that are also celebrated in Uganda.

Experience Uganda

The best way to experience Uganda is to book a safari in Uganda taking you into various national parks and touristic areas. Most popular safaris include gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, cultural tours, mountaineering trips etc. A carefully crafted trip will enable yo experience Uganda at its best!


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