Uganda Road Trip: Must Have Necessities In Your Car

Road Tripping Africa

Planning to rent a car in Uganda? Self drive or with a driver? A road trip in Uganda will be more comfortable if you are well prepared with all the necessary equipment to help you on your as you travel. Although the most popular time to do so, planning a road trip doesn’t have to be confined to the summer months if you are correctly equipped! We share some of the key road trip items to carry in your car.

Car Audit

Road trip necessities definitely include being proactive and not reactive. Before taking a road trip you need do an overall audit of the car. Check your car oil and water levels, the tire/tyre pressure, functioning spare wheels and brake action.

Take photos of the previous damage on the car to avoid being charged when you return the car. Don’t drive past a petrol/gas station without filling up in remote areas. If you see the empty button flash, hit zero on the mileage and do not go above 63 km/40 miles.

Be sure to have breakdown cover and know how to access it (note down the number in case your phone battery dies and/or you have no phone coverage). Major destinations will require you to book accommodation or camp/RV spots in advance and if booking hotels, ensure that they have parking.

Phone charger

This is probably the most important thing you can bring on a road trip, because without your phone, you won’t be able to make emergency calls, listen to music, or navigate your route.

Phone Holder

Laws on phone use while driving have increased and penalties have become harsher over the past decade. This has raised the need for hands-free phone kits. All you need to do with this phone holder is to clip the base to your air vent, pop a magnet in between your phone and case and ta-da, the phone sticks to the base! Ideal for car hire as you can remove the clip without damaging the car.


Always keep cash on you during a road trip. You never know when you’re going to run into some tolls or have to pay for street parking. Keep your cash and other valuables like Passport and ID in your center console.

Emergency car kit

Never take a long drive without a car emergency kit. Tools like jumper cables and an emergency hammer can really save you some trouble or even save your life.

Electronic Battery Pack

Charge before you leave your accommodation and use it to recharge your phone once it’s drained by maps and music. You can as well use it to charge your portable music speaker and action camera.

First Aid Kit

Boring but quite essential. If road-tripping around somewhere with mediocre health care records be sure to choose a first aid kit with needles and 100% buy travel insurance before you leave. Simple illnesses like a cold can be handled by yourself in your car.

Windscreen Covers

These can be used to keep the car cool. It also offers another layer of privacy to keep the nosey people away from your business! Keep your electronics away from the public by hiding it safe in your car.

Neck Sleep Scarf

This item is not for the driver! If you are lucky enough to be the passenger and are prone to nodding, wrap for a better sleep. It keeps you warm and gives you the comfort to rest well.

Hand Sanitizer

Because you never know where you have to go to the washrooms. Baby wipes too are great for cleaning hands and spills. We recommend packing a few soft bags for dirty shoes and food rubbish.


This attire is bigger than a scarf so great for covering up during your entire trip when it’s cold or sometimes in the hot sun. Avoid looking like a backpacker in in the places you visit.


You just never know when you might see a spot for a hike and a drip!  Remember packing your wet swimwear separate from other items as you prepare for a road trip.

Stove, Gas, Lighter and Cook set Pack

Once you have your stove, gas and lighter packed well, there’s nothing to worry you. In circumstances where the igniter didn’t work, pack a lighter just in case. You will need acook set that includes all your portable kitchen essentials too.

Water Container 

A large water container is recommended so you can refill water bottles, use of boiling and also for cleaning after meals. We never really consider this but you need somewhere to fill up your water container.

Waterproof Bag Cover

Keep your gadgets dry in potential downpours by covering up your day bag with a proper bag cover. In times when the rains are heavy, you may need to keep your stuff in the bag and the bag itself safe from the waters.

Waterproof Jacket– Road Trip Essentials

It helps in keeping you dry. Choose a soft-shell material that you can compress down small and pack it away in your day bag. Weather In particular places is so unpredictable that it may rain anytime of the day.

Hiking Boots/Shoes

There comes a time where even the most sloth-like amongst us have to stretch our legs and with the potential stunning scenery on a road trip that you would never miss hiking the hills. When shopping for hiking boots or shoes you need to test their water resistance, support, breathability, comfort, weight and of course, the look.

Mosquito/Midges Repellent

In warmer climates, mosquitos come out to play at sunset which is a pity when you want to watch the sunset. It is important to pack you repellant to keep your skin away from constant bites.

High Factor Face Creams

Take skin cancer seriously, even in overcast weather the sun can have an impact. You may love the sun, but your life is more important. The face cream also helps you to avoid winkles to your skin.

Head torch

May be you may be thinking that you have a phone and may not need this torch but those choosing a tent as their home will know the importance of a isolated light for toilet stops in the middle of the night. (do not the tissues and flip-flops).

Flip-flops and Toiletry Bag (Hook)

If you are staying in camping grounds with shared showers, take some flip-flops to avoid having to share the germy surfaces.

Don’t just pack any toiletry bag, buy it with a hook. Many of the showers have very small storage spaces in them and a hook allows you to access your toiletries while it hangs from the shower pole.

Safe Bag

Keep your possessions safe in public dorms or busy hotels while you are out sightseeing. You will             travel with our belongings intact.


Drugs (No brainer)

Don’t bring anything illegal on a road trip to avoid breaking the laws. There are lots of cops are roaming the highways!

Simple Snacks

Bring simple snacks like cheese sticks, granola bars and apple slices easy-to-eat.

Carbonated beverages

They’ll get shaken up during the drive, and if you go up in altitude, they might burst.

Nice clothes or jewelry

No need to dress to impress on a road trip, so leave the nice clothes like suits at home because they’re not necessary.

Bulky luggage

It’s easier to pack your attire and toiletries in a trunk organizer or a laundry basket, rather than hauling out a suitcase every time you need to swap clothes.

IN CONCLUSION; There’s no better feeling than independence and that’s what a road trip holiday brings! This packing guide with useful items has been shared to make your tour comfortable. For any car rental services and all the information you want to know about road tripping, please contact us.


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