5 Less Visited Tourist Places in Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains

Looking to exploring Uganda, the Pearl of Africa? There are lots of amazing places to visit in Uganda. Despite the fact that most travelers look at the most popular places like Bwindi and Murchison Falls National Park for holiday, there are lots of amazing touristic sites to visit in Uganda. Here are 10 underrated attractions to visit in Uganda;

Sezibwa Falls Uganda
A visit to Ssezibwa Falls gives you chance to enjoy Culture, Legends and Scenic Wonders. This is one of the few landmarks with an amazing legend! This river is human borne and its of great cultural significance to the Baganda tribe. It is a twin river with Musamya. The past Buganda Kabakas (Kings) like Kabaka Mwanga ll planted a tree there which is one of the largest trees around. It was a place of serenity for past Kabaka’s and several cultural events are held at the site.

Today the Buganda people still come here to seek out those who practice traditional healing and there are purported miracles reported by those who seek divine powers at the site. The falls and the river that splits into two has meaning to the Buganda people regarding the legend of a woman giving birth and out of her came two rivers, sacrifices are still made here after the birth of twin. Why not visit this heritage site?

Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda
Rwenzori Mountains National Park is located in western Uganda along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is within the Rwenzori Mountains that you will find Africa’s third highest peak; the Magherita Peak that towers to 5109m asl.

The scenery is spectacular and the ambiance tranquil, so you can bet that a stay in any of the hotels and lodges around will be relaxing. If you love mountain climbing then the Ruwenzori Mountains will offer you a challenging experience during your vacation in Uganda. There several offers for Rwenzori Trekking Expeditions from several tour operators in Uganda.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the underrated attractions largely due to the fact that the park has not been easy to access. Kidepo valley s located far in North Eastern Uganda, the Karamoja region which takes about 12 hours drive from Kampala. Putting that aside, Kidepo valley is a great place to have an amazing Uganda wildlife safari. During your tour of this game park, you can choose to stay in the luxury and budget lodges such as Apoka Rest Camp, Ngamoru Camp, Savanna Lodge and the UWA Bandas.

One of the reasons you should visit Kidepo is that the park has it wildlife in abundance! There are large herds of buffaloes, lions, leopards, cheetahs etc. You can see them on your game drive in the Narus and kidep river valleys. You can also spot animals not found in other Uganda safari parks such as ostrich, Aard wolf, bat eared fox, African hunting dog, greater and lesser kudu without the crowds as well as visit the ik tribes for cultural encounters. The park has been voted several times by CNN travel as the most beautiful in Africa with borassus palm trees, semi-arid deserts and dry mountains and sand rivers.

Visit the Ssese Islands

The less known Sesse Islands are tropical islands surrounded by Lake Victoria. The place referred to as Ssese is an archipelago of 84 different islands with the biggest being Bulago Island. Not all of these islands have been developed for tourism.

Bulago Islands offers a complete beach experience with warm blue waters, cool fresh air, tropical white sand beaches and outdoor activities to enjoy such as beach soccer, village walks, biking, birding and viewing monkeys, swimming and boat cruises. Bulago islands are good for weekend holiday and relax on the beach in the sun. Most of the accommodations offer campfire experiences and several lodges will offer you a comfortable bed with all the amenities that you need.

Mgahinga National Park

Mgahinga National Park is one of the less known destinations in Uganda. Sitting high in the Virunga Ranges, Mgahinga is a scenic place that you should visit atleast once in a lifetime. The 33sq km park protects the Ugandan part of the Virunga Mountains. It is one of the best destinations for primate safaris in Uganda given that it protects two unique and endangered primates; the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys. During your visit to Uganda, there are several adventure activities that you can engage in. These include gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, climbing the Virunga Volcanoes etc.

Cultural Sites

Would you like to experience the culture of the local people? Another aspect that tourist neglect while on holiday in Uganda are the different  unique cultures in Uganda. There are many interesting cultural tourism activities that you can engage in while on holiday. Learn about the dressing, foods and delicacies during tyour stay. You can also experience unique events such as the Imbalu Circumcision ceremony for the Bagishu people from Mbale in Eastern Uganda.This event is too unique and it is an initiation ceremony where boys graduate into men.

If you are around Kampala, you can also go for the Kwanjula, a wedding ceremony for the Baganda People. It is also unique and one of a kind event that will showcase the culture of the local people.


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