Kiwanda Should Be Applauded for Promoting Tourism


Early last week, state minister for tourism Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi unveiled miss curvy pageant during the press conference of Tulambule east campaign. The miss curvy pageant masterminded by Ms. Anne has gotten lots of backlashes in the public because of Hon. Kiwanda’s speech about it. Kiwanda said, Uganda has so many naturally endowed women. These can act as tourism product if show cased or even tourist attractions. He got so many attacks from different people and some of them even wanted to put up a petition to sue him against his act.

I for one I would applaud Kiwanda for his cryptic speech which most of the people did not understand internally. First of all Kiwanda meant that the pageant rather the event of women cut walking on the runway would attract tourists’ attention and the world at large. For many years, the world has perceived ladies who are slim and tender to be beautiful. Yet in Africa we recognize and appreciate ladies who are incredibly curvy and juicy. So this will bring a whole new complexion of the beauty pageant shows as the Miss curvy will be the first of the kind and will attract so much attention due to its uniqueness.

This controversy has also led to Uganda being talked about. Many international travel magazines and blogs have written about the miss curvy show yet to be launched thus making Uganda known by more people in the world. It has also been the talk of the day in Uganda a society that is largely ignorant about its tourism.

The miss curvy controversy has become more of a marketing disguise and we wish that readers and followers of the miss curvy news will into turn tourists.


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