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Getting the best safari driver or guide is ideally something that assures you of your safety and enjoyable tour while in a destination. He will determine your overall experience while on your Uganda safari and this means that you have to be careful in order to come up with the best choice. However, things have been simplified as tour operators have the best driver or guides for you to have the most enjoyable road trip in Rwanda together with car rental but you have to feel free to recommend the one you desire most prior embarking on safari. To be on a safer side, we have provided a list of qualities that you need to take note of while choosing the best driver guide for your trips in Rwanda;

The driver should have a map in the head

African safaris in Rwanda or Uganda can be totally distinct from the one in your home country. This means that you have to get someone with driving skills and he should be able to understand the regulations of the road both written and unwritten. Our driver guides may not have a GPS system but at least they have a map in their heads, they know how they can navigate through Rwanda’s or Uganda’s remotest roads, they know where there are collapsed bridges, how to do away with road obstacles and many more other interesting areas that are worth visiting along the way. Drivers need to have knowledge basics at hand.

A good driver should also be experienced especially when it comes to navigating through the remotest routes in Rwanda. Most roads come with corners and they can appear new to drivers. Take time and check the previous reviews to help you choose the best driver that can help you realize your dreams while on vacation in Rwanda.

Be passionate and confident communicator

The driver guide should know what things to talk about it can be wildlife species or the cultural or even historical background. He should be the best communicator, and he has to know when to respond and when to be silent. Ideally a driver should have a sense of humor, no one loves to be taught but visitors love to be engaged and entertained while on their tour. A good driver should be diverse in languages-English, Kiswahili, French as well as local languages.


Things may not be the same like it is a case back home, a bridge can be washed out or the road can be filled with lots of water. A good driver should therefore be flexible and be in position to change according to situation to make you enjoy your safari safely. He should be able to maintain the relationship throughout the entire journey and after safari. Where the visitor needs to make adjustments in his or her travel plan, a good driver should be in position to catch up with the new changes and advise where possible.

Time management and organization

The driver should portray some kind of organization. The activities should be conducted as planned and in an organized manner. Our drivers are ever alert when it comes to time management as they will reach to you as agreed. This means that you will have enough to enjoy your planned activities in destination at a right time.


The guide or driver should be sensitive to the interest of clients, ability to recommend visitors on best lodges and restaurants. He should also be in position to know which music to play for clients, when to put on AC while driving on dusty roads, snacks, water. This quality entirely looks at drivers’ ability to know the visitors’ likes and dislikes.


Drivers should have trait of being honest before their clients. He should be trust worthy and truthful to clients.


The best driver is that who offers up dates of new changes which take place. A lot can happen and you may travel and afterwards you end up being disappointed while on safari.

In conclusion, choosing the best driver or guide to take you through your safari in Rwanda or Uganda is challenging but by consulting our experts, you will have the best choice and you won’t regret spending a vacation with our experienced drivers.