Game Drive in Uganda

Self drive safaris in most of African countries have become the most sought after experiences by most travelers today. It is a remarkable a new option that most travelers have consider after guided safaris. Self drive tours are more of adventure for first time or even repeat visitors on safari in a new destination like Uganda. While it is exciting to go on self drive in Uganda, it is also wise that you research more about the destination if it is safe for you to navigate independently.

For first time travelers, Uganda has enjoyed its prevailing peace and security for many years now making it one of the safest and secure destinations for one to embark on self drive tours while on safari in Africa. It is ranked one of the safest nations across Sub Saharan Africa and besides it comes along with its most warmly welcoming, kind and sociable people.

Security starts all the way from Entebbe International Airport, as there is thorough check up on arrival and departure and all this is intended to make sure that you are safe. However, safety starts with a visitor him or herself.

After the usual check up process at the airport, you find a tour company driver waiting for you, welcomes you and after, he will hand over the car keys to you and your safari will instantly begin from there. Along the way, you will still meet security or traffic officers who are monitoring how people are driving and making sure people are safe on the road as well as ensuring that all the road/transport rules and regulations are observed by travelers.

Also cases of visitors getting lost have not been registered because there are just handful principal roads in Uganda. You will have a road map with all the details of the car and country information. You have to drive defensively and within a minimal speed possible, with your car windows/doors closed and please avoid driving during night hours. Never leave important items in the car when the car is unattended and most important of all have your cash, water and charged mobile phone in your hands or bag.

You must also keep the left hand and don’t over speed or drink while driving. Focus and concentration are key factor that you must observe if you are to stay safe while on self drive tour in Uganda. Within the city center and other major towns, the roads are well built and most of them are tarmacked unlike those in the remotest areas and they are essential areas where most of Uganda’s star attractions are concentrated and most the route linking to these areas are a bit dusty because of murram. Based on East African standards, Uganda’s roads are better. The tarmac roads stretch from Kampala, to west and east to Jinja, Busia, Mbarara, Tororo, Mbale and Soroti

For risk free and safe safaris, contact us for a 4 by 4 wheel cars for hire for self drive and any kind of tour or business in Uganda. Our fleet of cars range from Land cruisers, Supper customs, to Rav4 and many others. Renting a car with us will certainly make you realize your dreams in Uganda. For visitors who feel insecure or scared about self drive, you can also hire car and a driver to help you achieve your dreams. We have well trained, skilled, experienced and above all professional drivers who are readily available to take you through your exploration in Uganda. They are up dated with all driving conditions in the country and definitely your work will be to relax and enjoy your ride as you head towards Uganda’s remotest national parks to enjoy your wildlife safaris more so the mountain gorilla experiences, birding, boat cruise among others which will fill you with authentic experiences of a life time.

Ugandans are equally the most sociable people and visitors can feel free to interact with them while on their safaris in Uganda. If you have ever thought about authentic African experiences in the world, then getting into Uganda for a safari is worthy. Combine your wildlife safari say gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park with the Batwa cultural encounters and you won’t regret in life.

Most car hire companies provide rescues for cases of out break-down while on the road, there are machinists especially in developed towns or centers to help you get total satisfaction and if the mechanical problem is a bit demanding, they can exchange rented car with another vehicle. At this point, you should not be worried because your safety and security is every stakeholders’ responsibility.

In conclusion, Uganda is safe and secure for self drive tours. However, safety starts with travelers themselves. Never drive at night because you have heard that the country is safe anything can happen and this will spoil your travel experience. Rent a car with our trust worthy and reputable Car Hire Company and you will certainly enjoy a self drive tours in Uganda.