Uganda is one of the many countries in Africa that offer self-drive services to travellers. People who own cars tend to take them as something precious and deprive others of a chance to drive or use them but rather have intentions of keeping them safe from scratches and accidents. It’s in Uganda where things are different and many people with a loving and sharing heart have come out of their free will to help travellers reach their destinations safely and in time. They have established car hire agencies to ease their jobs which clients look onto as a sign of authenticity and trust. However, the main aim of car rental agencies is to ease the access of travellers to these travel monster machines.

Many vehicles are waiting to be taken on road trips, safaris, business trips, chauffeur tours, personal journeys, city rounds, vacations, picnics, airport pickups, research, wedding transportation to mention but a few at a friendly rate for solo travellers, big, small groups and families. Car rental in Uganda offers four-wheel-drive vehicles because of their ability to pass via rugged terrains of some distant parts of Uganda. Put the worries aside and uniquely explore the pearl of Africa because the transport issue is sorted by our authentic travel agency. Look out for these famous brands in our fleet.

Land Cruiser 

This is the most used and sought car brand in the travel industry because of its 4×4 WD, spacious and comfortable. it is simply a yardstick for a sport utility vehicle. There are different models of  Land cruisers to hire in Uganda ranging from TZ, TXL, TX, GX, V8 to VX offering you a platform to choose the best out of the rest. It is manufactured by Toyota companies and this station wagon is a 100% travel success because it reaches every corner of Uganda without difficulties. It can handle all kinds of roads, tarmac, murram and off beaten track

This car brand accommodates up to 5 people and has a hard roof and deck suitable for roof tent camping in Uganda. It is best used for road trips, business projects, chauffeur tours, airport pickups and the accommodation part for campers, the rooftop is catered for by this land cruise Prado. Mention your ideal vehicle and we will provide it for comfortable travel.

Safari land cruiser

Safari land cruiser also called extended is a travel monster machine popular in the travel industry and the most sought safari vehicle brand by luxury travellers. It can accommodate 6 people with an extension of 8 when it comes to the extended version. It is suitable for long-distance destinations and has a popup roof for game viewing, documentaries, filming in Uganda’s national park. The best trip depends on the car type used and if it’s a safari land cruiser used then expect positive results in return.

Toyota Rav 4

It is manufactured by Toyota a leading car maker company. It is known for its cheapness, and affordability. it is a rental car for everyone and the most hired by budget travellers. Toyota Rav 4 is a 4 wheel drive machine that is ready to hit all roads on any available trip. It is a fuel-saving automobile so fuel shouldn’t be on your worrying list. It is spacious and enables you to reach your travel destination in comfort. It is a perfect car to hire for self drive Uganda, city tours, safaris, business trips and airport pickups.


I wouldn’t advise you to book a Toyota Rav 4 when heading to rugged terrain places especially the northern parts of Uganda because you won’t survive. You might get some hiccups because it is a little vehicle that cannot handle enormous steep and rugged surfaces found on the routes leading to Kidepo National park and within it.

4×4 Safari vans

This is also referred to as a family/group safari car customized for game viewing. It accommodates a capacity of 9 passengers. Its inside is spacious providing a comfortable atmosphere to its clients. This min safari van possesses a pop-up roof best for game viewing safaris in Uganda’s savannah parks.

Toyota super custom

A super custom van is a common vehicle for group travel. It is comfortable with adjustable seats accommodating six passengers. Super custom is suitable for family and small groups touring Kampala and distant parts of Kampala.

The choice of car brand you make depends on the size of your budget and the nature of the roads to the travel destinations. Do not expect to use a salon car to distant places rather opt for a 4×4 wheel drive brand for successful travel. Book now and travel safely.