Usage of Rental Car

Do you plan to rent a car for a safari in Uganda and you wish to get along with another person or wondering if is possible for another person to drive it? For any plans to rent a car in Uganda and you have any need for additional driver then first, you have to consider a number of things prior taking that decision. In the first case, you need to ask yourself one question that what happens if someone else drives the car rental and then it collides with another? This is not what everyone wishes to get into but anything can happen and that is why you need to be very keen.

Perhaps you plan to set off for long drive, it is something very important that you share the load with some other person. Normally, it only one of you can be the main driver and adding extra driver is fairly simple. In some instances, one can have about 3 other drivers in a car or even more. Usually, there is a daily fee per extra driver but you might be lucky and find a special deal online for one or more free other drivers. This means that is a good deal to cross check with other different companies too.

The main driver per say is that person who is legally responsible for the vehicle and who signs the contract what is termed to us the rental agreement. In other words, he or she is the one who made the booking. Whereas the additional driver may depend on a car hire agency-generally, rules about age limits and driving license are the same as those of the main driver. In most cases, any driver is required to be 21 years and must have a full driving license for about 2 years. In the similar way, there are rules that do apply when it comes to young driver fees and senior driver fees just like it is a case with the main driver.

How best you can add an additional driver

Depending on which car Hire Company you deal with, at times you can add other drivers when you book online or when you get to the car rental company’s counter. However, you may not pay for them till the actual pick up of the vehicle. For any extra driver, you need to be at the counter during car pick up. You will also need to have a passport and driving license. It is only the main drivers to sign the rental agreement though the names and other details of extra drivers will be added too. The cost for extra driver can be per day.

For cases where you need to add an extra driver once you started rental car, you may need to let the car rental agency aware and find out if it is possible to do so. In case this is possible then the main driver and the other driver must go to the counter to show their driving licenses as well as passports and pay any fees if applicable.

However, there are 2 potential issues when it comes to this-first it is breach of contract-the fact that you are breaking the rental agreement as the car owner can end up in court for any damages. On the other hand, the insurance-where all cars used on public roads must carry at minimum, the third party insurance. That said, it is usually the driver’s name that is insured, the driver doesn’t have any insurance. On other note, your own insurance policy should also cover damage to your car rental even when someone else is driving it.