Africa Car Rental

Renting a car to take on a self-drive road trip has become so trending globally. And what can make one trip so memorable is to have that best car for self-drive in Uganda. In Uganda there are several cars that one can choose to take for that dreamt self-drive road trip, there is nothing that empowers than one having that freedom to seat behind the wheels of the car rental and dictate where to drive. As most of the travelers have decided to go rent a car to have freedom and privacy on their safaris. There wider range of thing to consider taking on your self-drive safari all over the country.

Before embarking on renting a car in Uganda it’s so important to understand various car fleets available to rent in Uganda. Considering the purpose for your trip, let it be business, research, charity, or adventure, there are fleets fitting each purpose which range from the 2wd, to 4×4. That also range with different travelers class of Luxury, Mid-range to Budget travelers. When considering recommendable best cars for self-drive for safari in Uganda are as listed below.

Toyota RAV4

For trekkers roving on a relaxed budget but opting to rent a car for self-drive should consider renting a 4X4 RAV4. This is suitable for solo travelers and also can accommodate up to passengers, though its simplicity but it can cruise even into the hard remotest roads of the countryside. Its fuel consumption is very low not constraining one’s pockets, its one opening for economy travelers and can reserve some dollars in the pocket.

Toyota Land Cruiser TX

This also accommodate economy class, it’s one of the stronger among the best cars for self-drive in Uganda. Toyota land cruiser TX can accommodate up to 4 passengers and it comfort is guaranteed, the vehicle has 5 doors with bigger boot to accommodate quit a number of luggage. Relatively the vehicle rates are affordable very accommodative for the midrange guests and very capable to cruise through the very hard routes in the country.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8

One of the best cars for self-drive to rent when considering a luxury trip. The vehicle is very comfortable to use with luxury interior which can accommodate up to 5 passengers. The kind of this 4×4 car model can accommodative to a family of less than 5, has enough cargo space for and guaranteed air conditioning system and the vehicle is designed to cater for luxurious travelers.

Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top

The hard top land cruiser is customized for African adventures as they can drive to hardest point of any country. This car model is always available for both luxury and midrange travelers, the car accommodate up to 8 passengers. Before renting this hard top land cruiser safari car should note that most of the companies here them with their driver and you must inquirer to know if can be offered for a self-drive road trip.

Safari Vans

The vehicles offered can include super customs/ Toyota Hiace/ drones/ are all available for the purpose. These are comfortable for a group of about 10 people, the 4×4 safari van is best fitting for people who are planning to travel in a group. This kind of model is designed is various ways to accommodate luxury and economy travelers. It’s important also to know if the car hire company can offer the vehicle for self-drive as those kinds customized for luxury are sometimes hired with a driver.