Kampala Sightseeing Bus

Have you ever gone on a city tour before? Do you want to experience something unique while on a city tour in Kampala? Well, Kampala is undeniably Uganda’s most vibrant capital city with more than a million people. It features not only as the busiest commercial center but also one of the fast thriving urban centers in Africa.

Originally, this stunning city featured seven remarkable hills near Lake Victoria but today nearly all its 22 mighty hills have been developed in one way or another given the ever growing population and high demand for settlement areas. Kampala is popular as a city that never sleeps and  it also derived its name from word ‘impalas’ that existed way back in the 19th century on the old Kampala hill. If you love city tours, worry less because Kampala is an excellent tourist city center on its own kind. You can also get a rental car in Uganda to get easily around Kampala. It features a variety of exciting things for you to participate in while on tour whether shopping, visiting the historical sites, experiencing Kampala nightlife or explore more about cultures in Buganda.

Below are the 5 best things that you can choose to do in Kampala

Visiting the Kabaka’s palace

Located in Mengo, the Kabaka’s palace comes with two big palaces. The main palace is found in Bulange and this makes Mengo area one of most remarkable sites that are worth exploring while on Kampala city tours. It comes with unique history, architecture and also offers the best views of Bulange hill. The Kabaka’s palace is the official capital of the Buganda kingdom and different events are conducted in this area. The colonial power of the palace holds too much history of Buganda’s ancient Kingdoms.

Sightseeing in Kampala

Kampala is exceptionally one of the best city centers in Africa with the excellent sightseeing tours that you shouldn’t miss out while on Uganda safari. To get the best from sightseeing in Kampala, visit the Kasubi tomb site and this is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that reward visitors with authentic cultural experience. It is culturally and historically recognized as a burial site for Buganda Kings and the four Buganda Kings were also buried in the same place. Other sites include Uganda National Museum, Gaddafi National Mosque, Nommo art gallery, the national theatre and many more.

Visiting religious sites

For faith tourists, there is no need to worry about which places to visit for faith tourism. The incredible religious sites for you to visit in Kampala include the Rubanga cathedral which is situated within one of the stunning hills in Kampala. It is famous for its memorials of the first African catholic bishop who was martyred for introducing Catholicism to Uganda.  This is also the headquarters of Catholic Church in Uganda. You can also pay a visit to the Baha’i temple which features as the only Baha’i temple in the whole of Africa. It comes in stunning domed cathedral on Kikaya hill off the Gayaza road as well as gardens and some birds like brown parrot, palm nut vulture, pied crow, black and white casqued hornbill, hadada ibis, double toothed barbet, speckled mouse bird, laughing dove, blue spotted wood dove, ring necked dove, black kite, great blue Turaco, woodland kingfishers, stripped kingfisher, scarlet chested sunbird, fort tailed drongo, ruppels long tailed starling, red billed fire finch and many more. Gaddafi mosque is another area that you should consider visiting for the excellent views of Kampala as a whole. The mosque is spectacular on its own way and visitors can walk around while taking photos. It was established by the former Libya leader Colonel Gaddafi and it is the biggest in Kampala. You can pay a visit to Uganda Martyrs shrine in Namugongo and explore more about faith tourism and those who were murdered for denouncing the Kings powers at a time. The shrine is situated about 15 kilometers east of city centre along Jinja road. It from this place that about 14 out of 22 Uganda martyrs sacrificed their lives to Christ on the orders of King Mwanga in 1886 when they refused denounce their Christianity. The site has become an incredible tourist attraction and thousands of pilgrims from different region gather here every year on 3rd June to pay pilgrimage in this area.

Visiting the Kabakas Lake

Kabakas Lake is the largest man made water body in Uganda. It is situated in Ndeeba Rubaga division about 5 kilometers from Kampala cit centre. The Lake extends up to 2 kilometers and it is 200 feet deep. It was dug by 52 clans of Buganda from 1885 to 1888 at the time of Ssekabaka Mwanga. This was mainly constructed with the intention of creating a channel that would enable the king to travel by boat to Lake Victoria, for swimming, fishing as well as act as an escape route.

Visit the craft markets

Kampala also offers you a chance to purchase some of its incredible craft products whether for decoration or for gifts. The biggest craft market in Kampala is situated along Buganda road, central Kampala and it is ever open seven days.

In conclusion, Kampala is not only the busiest commercial center but also an incredible tourist site that is worth paying a visit. If you love city tours, then Kampala capital city is the best choice that you should make for you to explore variety of outstanding attractions while on Uganda safari.