5 Popular Uganda Parks to Visit on Self Drive

There is nothing more enthralling in this world than visiting the various national parks of Uganda on Self Drive. This adventure is very exciting, exhilarating, and explorative...

A Weekend Excursion Around Kampala City with Family

Kampala is a wonderful city steeped in history, leisure and tradition. With so many places to go and entertainment to enjoy you will never be without something...

5 Famous Vehicle Brands to Rent in Uganda

Uganda is one of the many countries in Africa that offer self-drive services to travellers. People who own cars tend to take them as something precious and...

What to do Once Pulled Over by Ugandan Police During Curfew time

When the Covid-19 pandemic surfaced, a lot of things that we were used to changed right from the way of lives to the laws regulating us. Currently...
Africa Car Rental

Best Cars for Self-Drive in Uganda

Renting a car to take on a self-drive road trip has become so trending globally. And what can make one trip so memorable is to have that...
Kampala Sightseeing Bus

5 Best Things to Do in Kampala

Have you ever gone on a city tour before? Do you want to experience something unique while on a city tour in Kampala? Well, Kampala is undeniably...
Usage of Rental Car

Can Someone Else Drive My Rental Car?

Do you plan to rent a car for a safari in Uganda and you wish to get along with another person or wondering if is possible for...
Bwindi Gorilla

How to Plan a Thrilling Gorilla Trek to Bwindi Forest

Uganda is one of the few countries that have these rare primates and they are largely found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. However,...
Murchison Falls

Why Murchison Falls Should Also Go!!

No one is losing sleep over how much mercury, lead, sulphur and other heavy metals are in Lake Nalubaale (‘Victoria’) alone thanks to the factories, a flower...
Bunyonyi - The Wakanda Region

5 Things that Prove that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa

Are you looking for a awesome travel experience in Africa but not certain yet which country to visit? Uganda is a very incredible destination with lots of...

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