5 Must See Places in Kampala

Kasubi Tombs

Kampala one of Uganda largest and busy cities is a prime tourist destination for all visitors to the country. Kampala Uganda’s capital has a lot to offer and trying to choose what to do with in the city or nearby can become overwhelming. The day life is awesome same applies to night life and when you have a few days free or just want to explore the town during your trip to Uganda here is a list of the best things to do and see in Kampala that guarantee you fun and excitement all trough.

Uganda Museum

The Uganda Museum is very popular among visitors who are eager to learn about the functioning cultural heritage of the city and Uganda as a whole. Discover Uganda cultural trends of the past and present by exploring the displays and exhibits of the ethnological traditional life collections. It was found in 1908 and relies on donations because its free of charge no entrance fee. The Uganda Museum is the first of the kind in the country that combines all cultures and traditions and here you able to learn about all the tribes of Uganda and human behaviors.

Take a Trip to the Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi tombs also known as the burial grounds for the late Buganda Kingdom Kings are a great place dedicated to protect culture of the Buganda people. The culture of Buganda has a belief that the kings don’t die but just disappear and while here you will hear historical stories of the kingdom, number of kings that have ruled the Kingdom and reasons, lifestyle and a lot during their reign in power. The Kasubi Tombs are a must see to travelers taking safaris in Uganda given that this is one of the only three UNESCO world heritage sites within the country.

Ndere Centre

How many opportunities will you have to see live cultural performances in Uganda?. Make it a point to explore Ndere Centre in Kisasi and enjoy a mix of all Uganda cultures in at ago. The centre offers variety including dancing performances and lessons, Art and plays, Traditional meal lessons and much more. This place that will bring out the best of your smile even when you don’t feel like. The Centre provides great experience to people of all ages. Don’t miss to experience Uganda traditions and culture in style full of excitement and fun.

Have a great time at Freedom City

The multi-million dollar shopping mall and leisure center in Najjanankumbi on Entebbe Road .Come and enjoy a wide variety of fun rides but be aware that it has everything for everyone. Here visitors get the opportunity to enjoy real leisure without spending much. If you in Uganda for a family holiday trip, take your family to the mall and they will have a great time. The rides favor children and elders and it’s another paradise for family tours in Uganda.

Uganda Martyrs Shrine

If you love Christianity you will definitely find yourself at the Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo a place that holds the truth about true Christian faith. If the Martyrs gave in their life gift for the love God, how can you show God’s love to others?. Find this shrine in Namugogo 15 minutes’ drive from Kampala central town and strengthen your faith in Lord the creator. But if you want to join a congregation of Christians every year in memory of the Martyrs, plan your trip to Namugongo shrine on 3rd June every year.

Baha’i Temple

A visit to Bahai Temple in Kikaya hill the only Bahai temple in Africa is always a place to find peace in faith and also to relax in breath taking scenery of the Temple. The Temple structure is Unique, the gardens are awesome and the quiet ambience makes you learn about the Bagai Faith. The Temple surrounding also offers ample bird watching experience and a great place for bird lovers as well as adventurers.


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