Women Purse

We did the research. Yeah. We went there. And we checked. And we found.

10. Shoes: You think they wear high heels all the time? Nah.

9. Perfume: Turns out women don’t naturally smell of le jardins de celleste.

8. Weapons: Don’t think just cos she’s a chick…

7. Cash: Don’t think just cos she’s a chick…

6. International Oestrogen Mafia Membership Card. The IOM is the secret women’s club that they all belong to. Its goal is our doom.

5. Rocks: To throw at boys. As per instructions from the IOM delivered in this cute cartoon.

4. Telephone: Cos you know how they like to talk.

3. Scraps of paper with the numbers of various dudes. Doesn’t mean she’s going to call you. She just didn’t want to be rude so she put the ka-paper with your number on it in her bag.

2. More shoes.

1. Marijuana.