Love Vs Culture

Love Vs Culture: Which Way Should We Go?

She wants to kiss the frog of her dreams but her people want her to kiss a frog from Tooro Kingdom. To the old people, culture is...
The Oasis

Man Catches Comedian Not Being Funny

A little-known Ugandan stand-up comedian yesterday shocked passersby after he was caught not being funny by one of his fans. The fan reportedly spotted him at Nakumatt...
Uganda Police

Believe It Or Not: 12 Amazing Facts About Uganda

Uganda was ranked highly as a favorite tourist destination in 2012. We thought we’d compile a few facts to help our dear visitors. Fact number zero: I don't...
Pothole in Kampala

Adopt A Pothole Today

Do you spend several of your hours awake considering adopting a pothole but then you push it to the back of your mind? Do you have a...
Skipping Class

How Skipping Class Will Ruin Your Life

While you’ve considered and even done the heinous crime of chopping class and staying in your bed to umm, sleep, we at ULK care very much about...

Of Dreams That Broke Up With Me

My life revolves around dreams. Like I dreamt of growing up to be a boy and I was born one, amen? Unfortunately that’s the only one that...
Makerere University

Reopening Makerere: Change Gon Come

Makerere University, the internationally acclaimed centre of learning excellence that has tragically been beset lately by scandal and strife, is now set to reopen. Such great news,...
NSSF Uganda

Tales Of The Fund | Part Three

This exciting, exhilarating, action-packed league of tales is brought to you by… Sneak through this window for Part Two: SNEAK. Previously on Tales Of The Fund. A woman died. Her kids...
Run Away Bride

To Love A Broke-Ass Man

Your mother is wrong. So is your five-figure-salary earning boyfriend. He’s just trying to hold onto the miracle or idiocy that is you.  Just when he thought...
Losing the Plot

TOP 10: Losing the Plot… the Kitchen

Sometimes, you go through life as happy-go-lucky as a fly on a honey jar. Then you realize that the honey is stiffening and you are trapped. You...

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