Love Vs Culture

She wants to kiss the frog of her dreams but her people want her to kiss a frog from Tooro Kingdom. To the old people, culture is the most important aspect when choosing a travel partner. This is the pressure that Princess Ruth Komuntale is experiencing from her people of the Tooro Kingdom.

The princess who is yet to get married to his American fiance has broken the hearts of those who think that she should strictly follow culture rather than love!

Marriage comes in different forms around the world but most present it’s seen as something shared between two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.


When it comes to culture you have low context and hight context.

African culture is a high-context culture the eastern hemisphere is family centered,where decisions are made as a unit. Family is importance and that is why several marriages are done to maintain cultural values and to not stray away from such.


For those who advocate for love, they believe love is love! When you fall in love, you fall once! There is nothing like boundaries once you fall in love. Neither culture or religion can stop the chemistry that exist between the two love birds.

To you the great readers of the Urban Legend Kampala, would you go against the frogs of your culture for the frogs of your heart?