Ugandan Mafia with a Sack of Money

Theft In Uganda: An Introduction To The Mafia

The internets define the mafia as an organized international body of criminals, operating originally in Sicily and now especially in Italy and the US. I’ve therefore come...
Bungee Jumping in Uganda

Fear Factor: Know the Ugandan Fear You Have

Your time spent skipping around the interwebs has made you very knowledgeable about how many phobias are out there. For example, you know that Ablutophobia is the fear...
Women Purse

Top 10 Things That Be In Women’s Handbags

We did the research. Yeah. We went there. And we checked. And we found. 10. Shoes: You think they wear high heels all the time? Nah. 9. Perfume: Turns...
Ugandans Protesting

What Ugandans Do When Something Bad Happens To Them

When a Ugandan loses a job or a lover or a house or (God forbid) a luscious piece of chicken that fell off their plate by mistake,...
Secret Love

He doesn’t know I love him

Uncle Agony dear, I’m secretly in love with this guy. The problem is he doesn’t know it and I’m afraid to let him know because we might lose...
Batooro Culture

The Truth Behind Batooro Saying “Omusaija Tayangwa”

Many People Requested Us To Clear The Air About The Word "OMUSAIJA TAYANGWA" As it is so much trending about we (Batooro). here is what it means... Tooro...
The Ugandan Rolex

The Origin Of The Rolex

One wise man once said, “Spain is not Uganda. Because in Uganda, Rolex is not a watch” I find loads of truth in this sentence… well, apart...

How To Avoid Getting Stuck in Mbarara

It is said that KQ, the Pride of Africa with the exception of a few areas, had President Museveni stuck after failing to pick him from Mbarara. First, who...
breathalyzer Test in Uganda

How To Beat A Breathalyzer Test

Every so often, the police get tired of sitting around eating simsim balls and listening to Kenny Rogers. Whenever this happens, they call Milton, the guy who...
UNEB Results

PLE: Celebrating The Worst Students

So we went looking for the worst performing students of 2012 to ask how they pulled it off. Here’s what happened in one of the villages. Excuse...

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