Having grown up in a muslim family of six girls and two boys, this didn’t stop Zari Hassan from following her dream of being a musician. Her passion for music saw her do karaoke on weddings and the ‘by then’ Div 8 bar.

According to Zari,she was inspired by the late Brenda Fassie ,Miriam Makeba,Lucky  Dube and the princess of South African Music, Yvone Chaka Chaka.

Zari HassanHer sexy and charming voice is behind songs like Oliwange and Am Fine which led to her Channel O nomination during her young career.

“Being in SA hasn’t shaped my music at all as my biggest fans are in Uganda, though while am here I get to use the latest equipment compared to what I would find in Uganda.”,Zari asserts.

What interests Zari is the fact  that she is a multi-national, “Am a mixture of so many countries, my grandfather on my moms’ side is Indian and my grandmother Ugandan, my grandfather on my dads’ side is Somalian and my grandmother a Burundian, so am a mixture of all the above.”, Zari explains.