Above UK Based Artistes United UKBAU back stage

Music lovers all over the UK and neighboring cities braved the bad weather for the UKBAU show at Club Volts and were rewarded with an unprecedented performance for their loyalty. Promoter Ed Kay Edris who was the MC for the day was simply at his finest and started off the show with so much finesse.

Singer Lyton Namubiru had the audience eating out of her hands as she did her massive hit Njagala. Kitten eyes, Dinzi, Joe Street, Phiona Nsubuga, and Joe Brown the Rwandese new boy’ also outdid themselves.

Upcoming singer Tazz who has been likened to Chameleone came on stage with his platinum hit Empapula that got the whole audience nodding in agreement with his true story inspired lyrics. Spilla wowed the audience with his deep husky voice while Sister Slave brought a new meaning to the term sexy appeal with her dance strokes and provocative outfits. She was joined by MC Moseh crowned best UK and Ugandan best new comer 2010 for their collabo.

Kuklee and H-man did their wolokoso hit and after was joined by VJOJ aka Isaac the new kid on block which brought wild cheers in the house.

The night wound up by Myco Chris with his monster track Kabite Wange that got the crowd singing and dancing like crazy then next came his duet with Chizzo and it was time for the hit song zino enaku with all the artists backing him.