Besigye Arrest

Yesterday was walk to work day.
For those who still don’t know what that was all about, it means girls were supposed to walk to work naked and boys were just supposed to buy popcorn and sit by the roadside while updating their Facebook status messages with LOLs, OMGs and mssstttcchhews, where appropriate.
Just joking. It was just a public holiday for government to celebrate its annual arrest of Kizza Besigye. It happens once every year.
Okay okay. I’ve been asked to be serious. On this day, which was yesterday, Ugandans planned to walk to work (duh!) in protest of the high prices of everything which are leading to a high cost of living and consequently, a high cost of partying.
And opposition likes partying. Increase fuel costs, sugar, chips, do whatever you want with the economy but don’t increase the cost of entering a disco. They are called opposition parties for a reason. Which is what incensed Kizza Besigye.
However, according to the law, no one was supposed to walk. They dare see any two legs working together, they arrest.
If a policeman saw you walking, you had only five options:
1. Stop immediately and wait for him to look the other side
2. Sneak to work
3. Start hopping on one leg to your destination
4. Use a foolscap to cover your legs so that it looks like you’re floating to work
5. Send your legs ahead of you quickly before he sees them
Those without legs had an advantage.
Me? I walked. It was within the office but still. I even extended my walk to after-work hours. I walked to the pc , I walked to the TV, I walked to where my food was on the table, I walked away, I walked to the toilet to do toiletty things…I walked.
Did you walk?