You think you know sports? You don’t? You think you don’t know sports? Well, even better then—the more ignorant you are the better your chances of scoring high in this, The Urban Legend Sports Quiz. Get all the answers right and you win a free all-expenses paid trip to Maui and an autographed copy of Beyonce’s new CD.

(Note, that is Maui Night club in Kyenjojo and a copy of the new single from Masaka singer Beyonce Namugga)

Which United Kingdom football club has won the Barclays Premier League the most number of times in the past ten years?

a)      Arsenal. Lol!
b)      The one which scored the most goals
c)       Guinea Bissau. Wapi. Losers. Hah!

What the hell is David Beckham?

a)      The Spice Husband
b)      Underwear model
c)       The gayest heterosexual in the northern hemisphere

Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo, Dirk. Are there any NBA stars with normal names?

a)      Yeah. Michael Jordan
b)      You forgot Chauncey, Anfernee and Shaquille
c)       But those guys have huge hands, and many of them are given to sexual harassment. Don’t walk past them if you are a chick with a nice bum that you don’t want grabbed, because they train all day to clasp big round things.

Rugby Cranes are the Ugandan national rugby team, and they recently had a game against another African nation.  This was attended by several patriotic Ugandan fans. Why was this?

a)      Sports patriots are suspect. Some of them just go to ogle the guys
b)      Sports patriots are suspect. Some of them just go to ogle the babes who ogle the guys
c)       Sports patriots are suspect. Some of them just go to play rugby to ogle the babes who go to ogle the guys.

Lewis Hamilton was the first black Formula One racer to

a)    Win a Formula One race

b)    Win a Formula One Championship

c)    Win access to the panties of a Formula One groupie chick of a different ethnicity

Which of the following is not officially recognized as a sport, but should be due to its being awesome?

a)      Ninja Warrior on Sony Max. That stuff rocks.

b)      WWE especially when Rey Mysterio Jr is fighting.c)       Sudoku.