Uganda Cranes Players

Uganda Qualifies to AFCON Round 16

Uganda has officially qualified to the next round of the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 afterwards finishing second in Group A. We can now confirm. The Cranes reached...
Golola Moses

How was Golola Moses made? A Fairy Tale

This morning I was out in the yard at the ULK offices, looking into the sky waiting for it to look back, when I was approached by...
Man U Dillema

The Man-U Dilemma: Why They Keep Beating Their Friends Like That

The following is an expert analysis of the Man-U vs Chelsea match from a leading international soccer critic who has reviewed thousands of matches in his mind....
Arsenal Manager

We Love You, Arsenal

Arse, you took a heavy foot up your team. You wanted to lose by only 7 and a half goals but were disappointed by that extra goal....
Uganda Cranes Match

Uganda Cranes vs Kenya Chaps. We Go (Us, Not Kenya)

Are you a patriotic Ugandan? No, I don’t mean are you a registered voter, prompt taxpayer and active participant in issues of local government. I mean patriotic...
uganda Cranes Fans

Guinea Bissau Recognize Game

The Uganda cranes are set to beat up visitors from West Africa this weekend. It has been advertised as a soccer match but the Cranes have been...
Kipsiro on Phone

Wamma What Did The President Tell Kipsiro?

Moses Kipsiro. You know him? The Ugandan who beat three Kenyans and some other insignificant dudes at running in circles up to a certain string? In Uganda,...
Premier League Classics

What Really Is The Premier League?

The Barclays Premier League, currently ongoing, is a source of excitement and joy to many television viewers in Uganda, a lot of whom actually understand what it...

The Urban Legend Sports Quiz

You think you know sports? You don’t? You think you don’t know sports? Well, even better then—the more ignorant you are the better your chances of scoring...
Leicester Wins Premier League

After Leicester City Win, Dreams To Start Coming True Everywhere

Following Leicester`s (no, not lechesta, its les-tar) unimaginable football triumph, other dreamers have also got “gas” to believe that their dreams will become true. We traversed the...

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