Several times in your life, you feel a strange itch in your left pinkie. Whenever this happens, you usually look up from the pile of important documents you are signing and ask yourself, “Is this it? Was I meant to be more in life? Are my superhuman relatives trying to communicate with me using left pinkie Morse code? Am I supposed to fit into the awkward green spandex outfit I always find lying neatly in my laundry and bound from pothole to pothole, saving innocent people from imminent doom? Should it bother me that the outfit makes my junk look bizarre?”

We are here to bring a message from your super-human relatives. They say that when you finally make up your mind and squeeze into that outfit they go through great pains to sneak into your laundry every week, here are the items you’ll need to perform your duties as a superhero.

A cool phone

If you thought superheroes don’t own phones, you are on cheap drugs. Cool phones are useful in times when you’ve been in a very nasty fight with hoodlums and tied them up. You’ve then said in your most authoritative voice, “Afande, take them away!”

It then hits you how tired you are. If you are those broke superheroes without a car, like Spiderman, your ‘ride’ home involves you climbing from wall to wall (Chris Brown eh?).  Being tired presents a problem. You can’t skip from wall to wall when you are tired.

Presenting the cool phone. Pull it out and call Elias, your boda guy.  You can stop by Wandegeya for half-chips half-rice.


You won’t be able to call Elias if you have no airtime. And it doesn’t matter how many buildings you can leap over in a single bound; if you have no airtime, your phone won’t make a call. There is no super power to get round this yet…unless of course you can project your voice in which case everyone will hear you telling Elias to bring you chips byenda.

Cool car

But seriously, how effective will you be as a superhero if crime is going down somewhere and you are screaming instructions to Elias as he dodges potholes to get you to the crime scene? Get a car man.


While you kick a villain in the butt, drop a clever remark. Read ULK.

Okay, now that you have a costume somewhere in your house, you have to get the rest of the stuff from the Pepsi MotoMoto Facebook game. Just follow this link… to play and win Nokia Asha phones, airtime, Nissan X-trails, DStv decoders…those things of educated superheroes.

Now go try on that green spandex outfit and we see.