The president of Uganda has donated $300,000 (over 700 million shillings) to a primary school in Rwanda in order to address problems of the striking teachers in Uganda.

The donation was made to Nalukunga primary school, situated in the suburbs of Kigali, to aid the construction of a new building that will somehow, in some sort of magical or spiritual way, depending on the way you were brought up or from which angle you look at things, help teachers in Uganda lead better lives.

“I have been telling you people that the country does not have the money to pay teachers because I wanted to keep it as a surprise, so surpriiiiiise!!!!” the president revealed. “This building will most definitely pay all their salaries and even restore our economy to the way it was. These things are divine so you may not understand them if you don’t have faith.”

He added that in his heart he had always known that constructing a building in Rwanda would somehow help the economy of Uganda and thanked himself for believing in his instinct. “Besides, the school has a name that sounds like Nalukenge. You know her? Sharon O.”

The president also promised to help victims of the Owino fire by sending money to a certain secondary school in Hong Kong.