Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago

Museveni Threatens To Resign If Lord Mayor Doesn’t Stop Threatening To Resign

President Museveni has also threatened to leave power citing unfairness in the way his subordinates in almost every government sector are habitually threatening to resign. This follows recent...
Mabira Forest

Mabira Forest Giveaway: The Forest Finally Speaks Out

We’ve heard Sevo telling whoever is in charge of cutting things to cut down part of Mabira Forest. Then we’ve heard the opposition telling Sevo “You’re joking,...
Classified News

Olara Otunnu Vs Akena Fight Club

Last week we were having our weekly meeting at a secret shooting range in a secret place in a certain part of the country when news hit...
Letter from the President

A Message From The President | Part II

The Nation Media Group called me again this morning and told me they had re-appointed me president of Uganda and that I was needed on NTV for...

Museveni Gives Sh700m To Rwanda To Help Teachers In Uganda

The president of Uganda has donated $300,000 (over 700 million shillings) to a primary school in Rwanda in order to address problems of the striking teachers in...
Sex and Politics

Don’t Familiar Me. Keep Me Out Of Uganda Politics

Legendary Editor, My name is Sex. Recently I came to light in a very bad manner in certain top political circles. I think it was the former Vice...
Letter from the President

A Message From The President

Yesterday I was called by the Nation Media Group and told that they had appointed me president of Uganda and that I was needed on NTV for...
Lukwago Erias

New Lord Mayor Promises To Take Good Photographs And Be There Just

Erias Lukwago, winner of the recently concluded Kampala city mayoral elections has pledged to diligently take nice photographs, wear clean suits, shake hands properly, eat his meals...

YES! You Too Can Be A Deep Political Pundit!

Election season is over. Enter post-election season. The tough part. Cos if all you had to do during elections was to just vote, now you have to...
Hosni Mubarak

Egypt Elects 2011: Hosni Mubarak Wins Race For Former President

After 30 years of trying hard, candidate Hosni Mubarak has finally emerged victor of the highly contested position of former president of Egypt after receiving overwhelming support...

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