Museveni Kaguta

Museveni Pauses Game Of Thrones, Reshuffles Cabinet

It’s not complicated. Someone messed with President Museveni’s iPad and now his iTunes shuffle feature won’t work. Something had to be shuffled. And so he shuffled. ♫ EVERY DAY...
Sseya's Letter

Sseya’s Resignation Letter

From: My names am Cold All Hajj Nasser Ssebbaggalla To: Those of NRM Re: Resignational Letter Well Done Me as Sseya am righting here to officially declare how am withdrawing my...
Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria Sold: What the Government Might Tell People

Lake Victoria. The biggest pond in East Africa. The ninth continental lake in the world. A lake that brings together the three major East African states-Uganda, Kenya...
Create No New Districts

Why Create New Districts? An Interview With Govt’s Department Of Districts

To date, Uganda has granted asylum to more than 110 districts, making it the districtest country in the world. But even then, recently, a parliamentary committee recommended...
NRM Oyee

Duties & Responsibilities Of The Uganda Police Fire Brigade

Owino market has caught fire for the fourth time and everyone is hurling blame at the Fire Brigade for not acting in time, always. Well, for starters, they...
Lukwago Erias

Kicked Out: What Next For The Lord Mayor Lukwago?

Many men love attention. Some love to cry like little babies and have naked women run to their rescue while others prefer to just become Lord Mayor. Unfortunately,...
State House Down

State House Down: What Happens When Bad Guys Raid The President’s Office?

Have you watched the movie White House Down? Those who haven’t probably think it’s about giving directions nti mbu that the White House is down those ends,...

Lost & Found: General Ssejjusa’s Ninja Letter

If you’ve been on the Ugandan internets, then you know that Uganda Police downloaded the new version of Angry Birds and played it yesterday at the Daily...

Things Every Superhero Should Have

Several times in your life, you feel a strange itch in your left pinkie. Whenever this happens, you usually look up from the pile of important documents...
Letter from the President

A Message From The President | Part III

The Nation Media Group called me again and appointed me president of Uganda. They called me for an interview at NTV as usual but this time I...

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