Create No New Districts

Why Create New Districts? An Interview With Govt’s Department Of Districts

To date, Uganda has granted asylum to more than 110 districts, making it the districtest country in the world. But even then, recently, a parliamentary committee recommended...
Uganda Parliament

Trial of Uganda Constitution

There’s a trial in parliament. The accused is the constitution. The constitution stands accused of standing in the way of one man’s despotic ambitions. The chief complainant is...
Michael Ezra

Leading Daily Declares War on Michael Ezra

Michael Ezra a billionaire, freelance megalomaniac and CEO of Shady Sente Inc, one of the largest fraud conglomerates in the region recently issued a particularly rubbery cheque...
Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria Sold: What the Government Might Tell People

Lake Victoria. The biggest pond in East Africa. The ninth continental lake in the world. A lake that brings together the three major East African states-Uganda, Kenya...
Museveni the Farmer

Kisanja Hakuna Muchezo, What You Need To Know

The president has declared his latest term not for jokes, those things are for former V.P Bukenya. Meanwhile, someone should offer that guy a job in Akandolindoli,...
Kadaga Visits a Witch Doctor

Kadaga Talks To The Ancestors: What Really Went Down

Rebecca Kadaga (aka Becky with the wig hair) caused outrage in the country by going to “thank” her ancestors in Busoga for winning the speakership. She says...
Sseya's Letter

Sseya’s Resignation Letter

From: My names am Cold All Hajj Nasser Ssebbaggalla To: Those of NRM Re: Resignational Letter Well Done Me as Sseya am righting here to officially declare how am withdrawing my...
NRM Oyee

Duties & Responsibilities Of The Uganda Police Fire Brigade

Owino market has caught fire for the fourth time and everyone is hurling blame at the Fire Brigade for not acting in time, always. Well, for starters, they...
Uganda Police Knocks Man

An Officer and an Unfortunate Gentleman

NTV Uganda broke a story involving police brutality. This in turn drained our phones’ batteries as people forwarded the clip over and over. It also created the...
Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago

Museveni Threatens To Resign If Lord Mayor Doesn’t Stop Threatening To Resign

President Museveni has also threatened to leave power citing unfairness in the way his subordinates in almost every government sector are habitually threatening to resign. This follows recent...

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