Uganda Parliament

Trial of Uganda Constitution

There’s a trial in parliament. The accused is the constitution. The constitution stands accused of standing in the way of one man’s despotic ambitions. The chief complainant is...
Museveni the Farmer

Kisanja Hakuna Muchezo, What You Need To Know

The president has declared his latest term not for jokes, those things are for former V.P Bukenya. Meanwhile, someone should offer that guy a job in Akandolindoli,...
Uganda Police Knocks Man

An Officer and an Unfortunate Gentleman

NTV Uganda broke a story involving police brutality. This in turn drained our phones’ batteries as people forwarded the clip over and over. It also created the...
Kampala Traffic

We Need These Ministries Too. Asap!!!

Minister for blocking out social media Since blocking social media channels is now a thing, we also need a minister to preside over this important matter. We don’t...
Kadaga Visits a Witch Doctor

Kadaga Talks To The Ancestors: What Really Went Down

Rebecca Kadaga (aka Becky with the wig hair) caused outrage in the country by going to “thank” her ancestors in Busoga for winning the speakership. She says...
Eddy Kenzo

Why Museveni Should Choose Kenzo As Minister Of Education

Some people are about to be fired from their ministerial posts as the president ushers in a new and unprecedented era of steady progress. As concerned citizens,...

When Trump Was Imprisoned By Obama After Elections

Voting went on smoothly in most parts of the United States of America; however there was rampant delay in the delivery of voting equipment in the areas...

How Did You Celebrate Museveni’s Victory?

In Kampala, when there’s a match, for example, Arsenal Vs. Chelsea, after one team wins; the male roars, cheers, excitement and little chaos from ‘boda’ guys consume...

My Two Cents On Artists Meeting Museveni And “Angry” Fans

We hear statements like,”for me,i gave up on much drama for one to take”. “Why vote?wastage our dear time and energy” List is endless! However much many would...

Maria Kiwanuka Chats With Museveni: A Fly On The Wall Brings You The Convo

A few moons ago, President Museveni reshuffled cabinet. He basically meant, “I wear the pants in this country and every day I be’s reshuffling.” Old brooms were...

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