It is finally! Where do we start? The design? The ambiance? The food? Or simply this: Elgon Cuisine is open, and it is pretty and it is big. The service is efficient and very professional.  Though we couldn’t make the ribbon-cutting our paps in London reveal that  the Tottenham High Road in North London based eatery is just a home away from home or rather a home kitchen away from home.

Overseen by vastly talented chefs, the joint’s Pilao which is their biggest attraction rivals that of legendary pilao maestro Uhuru. Their winning African dishes have that distinctive aroma and taste that can only be achieved by seasoned cooks. The drinks list is significantly impressive and the staff is charming; the experience is a good one. The menu is as diverse as the clientele but of most interest to the Ugandan crowd are their Matooke, cassava and all other African local dishes.  In addition to being open Monday to Monday they also do free home delivery depending on your location.