Museveni Kaguta

Museveni Pauses Game Of Thrones, Reshuffles Cabinet

It’s not complicated. Someone messed with President Museveni’s iPad and now his iTunes shuffle feature won’t work. Something had to be shuffled. And so he shuffled. ♫ EVERY DAY...
Sseya's Letter

Sseya’s Resignation Letter

From: My names am Cold All Hajj Nasser Ssebbaggalla To: Those of NRM Re: Resignational Letter Well Done Me as Sseya am righting here to officially declare how am withdrawing my...
Lukwago Erias

Of New Year Resolutions

Gen. Sejusa: My New Year resolution? Ah, let me see. I have quite a lot. I might re-change my name to something that evoke more fear. I...
Leah Kalanguka

Miss Uganda tipped to be Miss World. This is what her old friends and...

When her beautifulness Leah Kalanguka was announced Miss Uganda, locals, naysayers, haters, ugly people, idlers and a horde of important people in the government of social media...
Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria Sold: What the Government Might Tell People

Lake Victoria. The biggest pond in East Africa. The ninth continental lake in the world. A lake that brings together the three major East African states-Uganda, Kenya...
Create No New Districts

Why Create New Districts? An Interview With Govt’s Department Of Districts

To date, Uganda has granted asylum to more than 110 districts, making it the districtest country in the world. But even then, recently, a parliamentary committee recommended...
UNEB Results

PLE: Celebrating The Worst Students

So we went looking for the worst performing students of 2012 to ask how they pulled it off. Here’s what happened in one of the villages. Excuse...
Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan Ssemwanga Paralyses Deuces Bar

You would think that by now socialite Ivan Semwanga had had enough limelight to want to attract some more. To the contrary, Ivan is still going strong...

The-Dream Arrested & Charged For Punching and Kicking Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Increasingly, these celebrity men continue to lay their hands on women and I won’t spare it even if it is just a mere accusation. No one is...

14 People To Watch In ’14 | Part 02

Master Ragga Gangsta Ivan Lee started the count last week, and I’m here to finish it. Cos they call me The Finisher. The Ender. The Fullstopper. The...

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