Paddy chills with Chameleone’s X  before being bounced from the VIP section

Singer Jose Chameleone is slowly turning his group of bouncers into some kind of mobsters. A few weeks ago, the bouncers descended on hapless singer Toolman Kibalama and pounded him for daring to remind Chameleone that he hadn’t released any song since his Basima Ogenze hit.

Now latest info reaching us has it that another person who is on Chameleone’s list of most wanted is the UK based Ugandan musician cum DJ MC Paddy Dee who is into the country for the holidays. Our paps reveal that the bad blood between Paddy Dee and Chameleone started way back in 2007 during a show in Stratford Rex. Apparently during the show, Paddy refused to leave the stage after his allocated time and had to be removed bodily by bouncers.

It so happened that Chameleone was there and had witnessed the whole fiasco. To cover up his embarrassment, Paddy started peddling a rumor that Chameleone had paid
the Serengeti promoter to humiliate him. And when the two met recently at a show in Brussels, Paddy got out of his way to provoke Chameleone into a verbal exchange. Knowing his aim, Chameleone requested security to take Paddy away from his section which they did. From that scuffle Chameleone vowed to put some sense in Paddy’s head if he ever met him on his turf. As if in answer to his prayer, the god’s delivered Paddy to him right here in Kampala. Let’s sit back and watch.