Tazz M was born 10 March 1986 in Uganda and belongs to the monkey clan. He comes from a Muslim family with nine siblings, currently working and studying sound engineering. The young song writer, singer is also a talented music producer under Atizz Entertainment Company. He is a versatile entertainer who can dance, sing, and act.

He started recording his music in 2009 and his efforts produced an eight song album with songs like Namaavu and I Need You Baby. On the album he has collaborated with singers like Coco Champagne famous for his collaboration Cumpus Gal with Hilderman, Spilla and Press. His latest single titled Mpapula has already created a buzz and is likely to become one of the big hits of 2010.

He is currently working with SIP to organize his album launch in the uk this year at a date that is yet to be confirmed because of his tight schedule. The singer is so famous that he is fully booked for the next six months to perform on different occasions by SIP, PEARL NET RADIO, CLUB VOLTS and so many other establishments. Because of his very educative songs, most people regard him as the new Dr Jose Chameleon. You can find his music in all music outlets in London, Facebook, youtube, myspace and will be hitting the shelves in uganda very soon. The youngster who sings reggeton, ragga and rnb has already been lined already as one of the artists to perform on this year’s convulsion.