MC Moseh is taking London by storm his unique style, the writing and the massage in his songs has captured a lot of attention from the youth and old. He was born on the slopes of Namirembe hill in Kampala Uganda.  At the age of 10 MC Moseh by then known as Voice Change a nick name given to him by his fellow students because of his melodious, voice in the school choir at Rubaga boys primary school. He is such a prolific writer and so multi-talented that he has been likened to fallen legend Philly Lutaya.

His debut single ‘Nalulungi’ has sold more downloads faster than any other single to date. MC Moseh  has become a household name in the African community in UK, USA and Sweden and isn’t shy to sing his own praises on his tune. The charismatic Ugandan is bond to become the hottest man in the music industry with his looks and powerful vocal performance and already commands an enviable female fan base.

Over the last couple of years it’s clear that the young man has essentially bypassed the Karaoke world on the way to pop success. Mwami wange comes with a nice slow groove beat in the midst of simple but emotive guitar riffs.

He has added on more credible singles with a dedication of quality: Sofia, Obwomu, Ndaba kuki. Currently MC Moseh is based in Britain, and has entertained audiences in most of African night spots. Expect a lot from mc Moseh