Above Myco Chris and Jostreet on their video set


Joe Street aka Joshua Kizito born in Kampala Uganda now a UK based artiste is a fresh and amazing talent on the horizons lately. Joe Street started singing at a very early age playing as many an instrument as he could get to he’s hands. Many might know him as the guy behind the popular song Okwagala where he features Myco Chris.

Joe Street left Uganda for the UK in 2000 for his university studies at New Castle college where he studied Cisco networking, later on joining Thames Valley university studying airline and airport management specializing in air flight control. Being the talent he is Joe hooked up with a few producers in London recording songs as Okwagala, Omubiri, and many more.

Joe Street joined Myco Chris in 2009 at Myco Chris Records London and since then he has become a force to reckon with in the industry more so that of the United Kingdom.  Having performed on a number of events in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world, Joe is set to tour the world promoting he’s fourth coming Album.

For many it might be a dream but Joe is living the dream at the moment as he looks back on how it has been such a long journey to where he is at the moment. Having been an MC in many of the clubs in London of which include club Liquid, Joe feels it is time to out the box and bring something to the table of the great world of music.

Joe wants to thank all the lovely people for the support they have given and he promises to keep his fans blessed with music from the soul. In the words of Joe Street, “The world we live in now needs more than just beats but value crafted in words, rhythm and melody.” Expect alot from this talented young man.