Known to his fans as Coco Finger the singer behind the Emikono Waguluand the now popular Vibrator Dance’ which has dominated the airwaves and the dance floor was born 25th June, 1982 in the micro-ghetto community “Kitoro” within Entebbe, Uganda. Before getting his break in the music business, Coco worked as an mc at two popular local  bars i.e Lido Beach and Club PaLui. He also did mceeing in Tanzania for two years before coming back to his home town.

In August 2009 Coco was invited by a talent Manager Emma Carlos to feature on the Wafagio girl remix of Mukidongo and that was the time all stakeholders in the industry started recognizing his abilities and skill. He is currently ranked among the most popular reggae Ragga artistes in Uganda, EA. He is a vocalist capable of both rapid-fire chatting and powerful melodic singing as portrayed in all his records.

He is planning to release his full album by the end of 2010. Influences on the direcion of his music and image are that of Mavado.He claims is as good as Jose Chameleone, all he needs as much exposure and he will beat chameleone at his own game.