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A little-known Ugandan stand-up comedian yesterday shocked passersby after he was caught not being funny by one of his fans. The fan reportedly spotted him at Nakumatt and then ran up to him to laugh but after looking into the comedian’s eyes, the fan saw nothing even remotely funny and didn’t hear the comedian crack a joke or two.

The comedian walks without being funny
“Me I was there being idle in Nakumatt parking when I saw him walking past that elephant at the entrance,” the fan told us. “I immediately knew something was wrong because everyone he was passing was not laughing or even smiling.”

“So I walked up to him and thought maybe he needed some inspiration so I volunteered some instructions. I shouted at him to be funny but he just looked at me and laughed. That’s not how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to leave the laughing to me.”
According to the fan, an icon was supposed to assume what the fans liked about him 24/7. So this comedian was supposed to be funny everywhere every time; on stage, in the shopping mall, in the toilet and in the bathroom.

“Even when sleeping, he is supposed to sleep funny, have funny dreams, wake up being funny, take a shower in a funny way, have funny breakfast and drive in a funny way to a funny workplace that is full of funny tables, funny stationery and funny people,” confided the fan.

When we reached the stand-up comedian for a comment, he was flustered because he thought we had also come with high expectations and even tried to crack a joke that ended very badly. “Ah! Man you guys are just not serious! That joke was funny and honestly, if you can’t appreciate it, then you should leave,” he said.

“What did that dude mean ‘be funny and I see’? That’s like asking Kazoora to steal a watch and I see. Or asking Amama Mbabazi to swindle something and I see. Or asking Robert Kalumba to have some common sense and I see. Or asking the president to refuse to retire and I see. It doesn’t make sense, man.”

The angry comedian promised to kill any fan who came to him again with such high expectations. “I’ll crack their ribs!” he vowed.