Those who were fans of the Boyz In September music group might not get any chance again to see the two musicians perform together again at any show in Kampala.

Word reaching us from Stockholm Sweden has it that singer Kass-Kass is likely not to come back to Uganda after getting hooked to the Sweden-born Ugandan girl only identified as Mable Musisi who is six month pregnant with the singer’s kid.

Mabel used to come for short holidays in Kampala and later she hooked up with Kass-Kass after breaking up with Singer Vampos following his hook up with Lydia another Sweden based Ugandan girl. Apparently Kass-Kass has already got his Swedish citizenship and won’t be returning to Kampala any time soon.

We hear his partner Big Snake is very confused and trying to find a way of picking up the pieces of his career alone. Mable is daughter to veteran Ugandan singer Fred Semwogere one of the first batch of Ugandans who fled to Sweden in the 80s with the likes of Philly Lutaya, Hope Mukasa, Frank Mbalire and Nadibanga.