Meddie Sentongo now knows what the saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is all about after former beau Dora smashed the windshield of his range Rover sporti.

We hear Dora had stormed Silk Lounge a Saturday night ago wanting to land her hands on rival Latifa Black but unfortunately she was not in Club but Meddie was. Dora tried
to coax him into some private chat but he totally and openly refused to talk to her. Dora stormed out of the club practically burning with rage and humiliation and that is when she spotted Meddie’s customized range rover sport shinning in the parking lot. She just picked up the nearest and heaviest object and smashed the windshield to smithereens.

A satisfied Dora drove off with a malicious smile playing on her lips. Dora and Meddie used to paint Kampala red until city loaded babe Latifa Nalukenge aka Black came into the picture. Much as Meddie loved Dora, Latifa Black’s generosity and fat bank account were just irresistible.

If it is any consolation to Dora, there is a rumor spreading that Black’s cash taps are drying up faster than a weed in a desert. The latest incident to that effect was her failure to turn up at Club Silk’s Oxygen where she had vowed to outdo Ivan Sangoma, a South African-based traditional seer’s offer. The seer stunned revelers by generously giving each one present drinks and 20k in cash. She had apparently budgeted Shs 60M for the 1000 patrons expected. However, on D-day Black was a no show and all her mobile phones were off air.