Bidandi Ssali

Former Local Government minister and president of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Bidandi Ssali has got this weird and sudden feeling that he could be one of the candidates standing for president of the Republic of Uganda.

He revealed that while he was yet to validate his hunch, he woke up this morning feeling particularly patriotic. “I walked to the sitting room and saw my poster then I said mm! Then my son Moses called me and asked if I had started my campaign. That’s when I realized that I think am also part of these elections. I don’t know why no one had told me this. Even TV stations are not showing me anywhere. Oba I haven’t started yet?”

He had suspected his involvement in the presidential race right from the day he was nominated but decided to brush it off as some minor malfunction of the brain. “It was something I really hadn’t taken seriously. I even saw one of my billboards in Nakawa but thought my eyes were playing their usual games with me.”

He said he would start a countrywide campaign as soon as he ascertained his involvement in the political race but for now he wished success to all the presidential candidates. “I pray for my presidential colleagues and hope all of them go through,” he said.