Fashionista, Abyanz was involved in a scuffle with hotel manager over the weekend, this website can confirm. Sources tell us that he was one of the celebrities who flocked Serena Hotel Kigo to celebrate singer Spice Diana’s birthday.
However, to Abryanz this will be one of his worst experiences and a reason he won’t attend any parties anymore. Dressed in all black, the famous designer had his shirt- collar rudely pulled from behind by the hotel manager.
‘He was queuing up for lunch with his plate only to be pulled by the manager who mistook him for a street kid gate crashing on the party ‘ said a blogger on site.
Other sources at the same event have it that he was actually slapped by the hotel manager. Luckily, he never retaliated and retreated only to be consoled by BFF Judith Heard.
On whether he will press charges against the manager, Abryanz instead asked for time to think about it.