Bungee Jumping in Uganda

Fear Factor: Know the Ugandan Fear You Have

Your time spent skipping around the interwebs has made you very knowledgeable about how many phobias are out there. For example, you know that Ablutophobia is the fear...
Stay Safe During Sex

Things Of Sexual Intercourse to Know the Ugandan Way!

There are only two ways to have sex; the right way and the wrong way. Sex the right way means you get in and come out HIV...
Ugandan Members of Parliament

Monday Massacres: How To Be An Amazing MP

Here at Urban Legend Kampala’s plush, air-conditioned offices, we aim to guide you to achieve your dreams. We know you have aspirations. We do research and give...

Monday Massacres: Wooing

Lil’ Sleek was the schweetest child ever. Toothy grin, starry eyes, small tuft of hair, just the right amount of kid potbelly…just too schweet. Left to his...
Freaky Weekend

Freaky Weak-End

If they make more weekends like this, we may start to power the country from the sweat worked-up by revelers. FRIDAY The East African Xplosion Klear Kut, no relation to...

MTN Marathon 2011 Exposé

ULK didn’t participate in the marathon, we massacred it. We ran the entire 84km; 84 because our newest employee, the one we always hire at this time...
Movie Things

Monday Massacres: The Things In Movies That Aren’t True

This particular piece is for the younger readers. Dear fairly old reader, most of the stuff you’ll read here will seem slightly obvious. I’d recommend taking a...
Classified News

Olara Otunnu Vs Akena Fight Club

Last week we were having our weekly meeting at a secret shooting range in a secret place in a certain part of the country when news hit...
Graduation Party in Uganda

Graduation Party Tips

This stuff, it is proudly brought to you by: Good reading. ### To you who graduated last week, congratulations. You run the good race, you fought the good fight,...

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