She is Not Sexy Anymore

Uncle Agony dear,

My girlfriend doesn’t care about her health and body shape anymore. She was sexy when I fell in love with her and we dated for some time but now she just looks funny. Whenever I try to bring it up she says am mean and selfish because I only love her for her body and that I should remember that she is the same girl I fell in love with. But I swear she’s not. Sometimes I really feel like ending the relationship. What should I do?

Man with a serious problem.

Man with a serious problem dear,

Most relationship counselors advise lovers to ignore their partners’ outside looks, and instead look at and appreciate the insides. But to do that you’d have to take her for surgery and look at her intestines or just wait until she gets a wound. Tell her that if she loves you very much but doesn’t want to get properly shaped, she should at least get a wound.

If she refuses, take her out for a date on Jinja road and push her in front of a speeding truck. She will automatically get a wound and your relationship will become better. Have you also tried closing your eyes while looking at her?