Hate the Game and the Player

Hate the Player and the Game

Ice-T said “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Fuck him. I say hate the player and the game. We are a bunch of pathetic fuckers. Teargas...
Safe Words During Sex

Safe Word Ideas: Safe Words to Use During Sex

As he was taking off my clothes he said, “What should we use as a safeword?” “Ummm, how about ‘no’.” I responded, between kisses. The idea of me yelling “Cabbages....
She is Not Sexy Anymore

She’s Not Sexy Anymore

Uncle Agony dear, My girlfriend doesn’t care about her health and body shape anymore. She was sexy when I fell in love with her and we dated for...

The Expectation : Unrealistic Sexpectation of People

There is a scene in the film 40 Days and 40 Nights in which Josh Hartnett brings Shannyn Sossamon to orgasm with only a flower. This scene is...
Kampala Slut

Why Most Good Men End Up Marrying Sluts

These days, women keep complaining that too many Good Guys are ignoring Good Women and marrying "Sluts" instead. Let me muse on this for a while. My take:...

Part II – Her

From the Honourable School of Legends, the Streetsider presents: Our first guest writer. Please welcome our very first Sub Urban Legend, The Hitchhiker. “Not suitable for persons under 18....
Girl on Girl Fight

Girl On Girl Violence

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she must grab a bitch by the synthetic ponytail, hold her wailing head steady, and punch her...

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