Safe Words During Sex

Safe Word Ideas: Safe Words to Use During Sex

As he was taking off my clothes he said, “What should we use as a safeword?” “Ummm, how about ‘no’.” I responded, between kisses. The idea of me yelling “Cabbages....
Love Letters

The Loathe Letters

Dear guy who I was slightly obsessed with last year. You would roll into town from Kenya and somehow impress me with your company expense account, and...
My Ex Want Me Back

My Ex Wants Us To Get Back Together

Uncle Agony dear, I parted ways with my ex about two years ago coz she fell in love with someone else. About a month after our breakup I...
No One Wants to be a Billionaire?

No One Wants To Be A Millionaire?

What’s going on? Does no one want to be a millionaire any more? This is the second week in a row when all we get is a...
No Love Back

Whoever is Available

Dear Agony Uncle Agony Uncle Is Busy. It’s me, Baz. Agony Cuzo Dear Agony Cuzo, I have been in a steady relationship with Grace Nakimera for the past four years....
She is Not Sexy Anymore

She’s Not Sexy Anymore

Uncle Agony dear, My girlfriend doesn’t care about her health and body shape anymore. She was sexy when I fell in love with her and we dated for...
Please Love Me

I’m Desperate For His Love

Uncle Agony dear, I have this boyfriend and we have had a relationship for two years. I Iove him so much! I have never met him face to...
Kiss and Tell

Kiss And Tell: Part IV

In retrospect it seems wrong to say the relationship  was rocky, because how can you say something was rocky when it was built on such a fragile and shaky premise?...

The Expectation : Unrealistic Sexpectation of People

There is a scene in the film 40 Days and 40 Nights in which Josh Hartnett brings Shannyn Sossamon to orgasm with only a flower. This scene is...
Words of an Idle Mind

Notes from an Idle Mind; The one without Bad Black

Ideally I’d be doing notes from an idle mind… or notes from the corridors of power, but our editor insists that we cover Bad Black. Unfortunately, with...

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