Love Letters

The Loathe Letters

Dear guy who I was slightly obsessed with last year. You would roll into town from Kenya and somehow impress me with your company expense account, and...
Cheating Manual

Cheaters Manual – How to Cover Your Tracks

Okay, so I’m back again writing. I don’t know why I’m doing this because I know I will get a lot of grief from guys asking me...
Your Job is Evil

Your Job Is Evil. Quit!

What do you do for a living? It’s funny how many professions and positions of employment have an evil side that their occupants don’t even know about....
She Flirted with my Workmate

She Flirted With My Workmate

Uncle Agony dear, Recently, I attended an office party with my fiancée where I caught her talking to a workmate in a way I thought was somewhat flirtatious....
Sexual Fantasies

Fantasizing Without The Cabbage

I was sending flirty texts to a potential lover when he asked me: <So what’s yr fantasy?> (If you’re not the type of person who texts in proper English,...
Kampala Cocks

The Kinks in Kampala’s Cocks

There is a guy in Muyenga; living on his own in a really great house, apparently no wife and kids, I met him at a charity event...
Run Away Bride

To Love A Broke-Ass Man

Your mother is wrong. So is your five-figure-salary earning boyfriend. He’s just trying to hold onto the miracle or idiocy that is you.  Just when he thought...
She is Not Sexy Anymore

She’s Not Sexy Anymore

Uncle Agony dear, My girlfriend doesn’t care about her health and body shape anymore. She was sexy when I fell in love with her and we dated for...

The Network

The Hitchhiker He was hanging up the phone as J walked up to him. He stood up, widening his arms to welcome her in a hug; all one...
I Don't Lik Her

I don’t like doing it with her

Uncle Agony dear, My wife is addicted to sex. That’s not the problem. The problem is I am addicted to pornography instead. I no longer enjoy having sex...

Must Read

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