Torn Between Two Men

Sanyu FM Lounge Edition: I’m Torn Between Two Men

Uncle Agony dear, I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and 6 months now and we have had a very decent relationship. We love each other...

How To Avoid Getting Stuck in Mbarara

It is said that KQ, the Pride of Africa with the exception of a few areas, had President Museveni stuck after failing to pick him from Mbarara. First, who...
Letter to Senior Six Vacists

Letter to Senior Six ‘vacists’

Yo, wassup, peeps? You be how, all ye? Are you kawa? Maato? Suzie? Jo? I know you be on pressure now ‘cause Bukenya has released those things...
Your Job is Evil

Your Job Is Evil. Quit!

What do you do for a living? It’s funny how many professions and positions of employment have an evil side that their occupants don’t even know about....
She Wants a Mile

She Wants A Mile

Hi. Erique, your regular agony uncle, is not here this week. He went back to school over the weekend and is currently preoccupied trying to get orientated at Manhattan...
My Boyfriend has a Problem

My Boyfriend Has Serious Issues

Uncle Agony dear, I have issues with my boyfriend. He is a mummy’s boy. He likes picking fights even over the smallest things you can thing of and...

Ex-Miss Uganda Asiimwe Shines At King Faisal Hospital

Sources in Rwanda told us that Asiimwe is now the Senior Communications Officer at King Faisal Hospital located in Kigali city. Asiimwe told Rwanda New Times that she...
Lust Vs Love

Don’t get it twisted, lust is a beautiful thing…

That warm, honey brown feeling just above the loins. This is what makes you do crazy/dumb things, like climb downstairs at 1 30 am on a rainy Tuesday...
Kampala Cocks

The Kinks in Kampala’s Cocks

There is a guy in Muyenga; living on his own in a really great house, apparently no wife and kids, I met him at a charity event...
I Don't Lik Her

I don’t like doing it with her

Uncle Agony dear, My wife is addicted to sex. That’s not the problem. The problem is I am addicted to pornography instead. I no longer enjoy having sex...

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